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An Advocate for:
  • Safety within our communities-supporter of all first responders in law enforcement, fire and medical personnel
  • (Real) Affordable Housing for Henderson County's labor force
  • Farmland Preservation
  • Long Range Comprehensive Planning with responsible zoning
  • Providing underserved communities with basic utilities
  • Education (supporting our teachers and families)


We want to feel safe when we are at work, shopping, schools, and absolutely when we are within our own homes.  We need to continue to look for ways to make our schools the safest they can be to protect what means the most to us, our children. 

I am a strong supporter of all public safety-law enforcement, firefighters, EMS and Rescue.

Our public safety/first responders need and deserve to have our full respect and support for their selfless, neverending service to our communities.  Many cities throughout our nation have been described as utter lawlessness and anarchy.  Our very own county carries a reputation as a safe place where rights are protected and law abides.  Let’s make sure we do our part to keep it that way.  As an official, we do this by making sure that the people taking care of us are taken care of themselves.  Competitive wages and adequate equipment to do their job is a must.

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Land use plans for a better tomorrow

"Conserving our present to preserve our future"

For years my vision for Fletcher and the county in general, can be summed up with one phrase...."conserving our present to preserve our future".  I ran with this motto in 2021 for my 4th term serving as councilwoman for the Town of Fletcher and it is still my guideline today.  Our communities need to be protected from the sprawl that so very often happens when the land development codes aren't what is best for the communities. To be clear, I would NOT have been in favor of the asphalt plant, a gun range in Saluda or yet another storage facility.  I also was very disappointed in the commissioners' decision to allow more development in floodplain areas.  This would have been a hard no for me.  As some commissioners have stated, projects can be approved on a case by case basis, but we all know this is opening the floodgates.  Literally in every sense of the word.   Common sense should prevail but does not.  The water has to go somewhere.  We have all seen what happens to the areas that are overdeveloped.  The planning board, consisting of members that the commissioners appoint, advised against it.  A seasoned engineer on the board, advised against it.  I would want residents to know that despite not being an engineer, I am intelligent enough to follow sound advice.  I would also like for many to know that I have been talking to many stakeholders all over the county; conversations with law enforcement, the fire depts., farmers, and many others.  I am getting as much input as I can to be able to understand what the issues are from the constituent's point of view.  That's what a great commissioner should be willing to do.

It’s all about balance.  Balancing the growth of the area.  Homes for the people that work here and farms to sustain our local food supply.  Private property rights are important but I understand the role that zoning plays in controlling the sprawl of growth that happens without zoning that fits the community itself.  

Farm Preservation-

Farming is a two-pronged issue.  For the  farmers who desire to continue farming, they need land to farm and they need to be profitable.  We need to pursue businesses that will buy produce to use, much like the Partnership for Economic Development pursues industries that best fit our county.  Logistical savings for these companies should outway the savings they may be seeing by importing.  Other possible solutions–A common farmer’s market for Henderson County would be great.  Instead of apple trees being pushed up and removed, we need to continue to look for ways to support all agriculture.  I am a supporter of voluntary farm preservation; to preserve and protect lands for the economic and cultural benefit of our county.  

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Education has been at the very heart of who I am for several years.  I would be remiss not to mention my thoughts on education, what my views are and how we can support student learning in Henderson County.  


I believe in teaching basic, academic courses with rigorous objectives. There should be complete transparency between the school, teachers and parents regarding courses taught.  Coursework should be available for parental review at any time.  STEM courses, Art and Music courses should take priority right beside academic schoolwork.  Students develop critical thinking, analytical skills from these electives, helping them to excel  in their math, language and science courses.  Students cannot compete in the real world for jobs with anything less.  Career and technical courses help students to move forward with or without a college education through learned skills, internships, apprenticeships, etc.

I believe in school choice.  Students are not cookie cutter personalities and they all have different learning styles.  Raising a child is complex in today’s world and we need to support what will work for each family.  

For the record, it is very true that students don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care.  I am so grateful to Henderson County Public Schools  for initiating free breakfast and lunches for all students.  That means 2 meals every day, every student.  When a student’s basic needs are met, they will perform better.  When they know they are loved and cared for, they will work hard in the classroom.  Parents need to feel self assured that the schools are doing the best they can to create the best learning environment possible.

The county invests heavily in our schools.  Working closely with those in the educational field to meet the needs of all the districts is an important piece of the pie for any commissioner, and one I would take very seriously.

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