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We want to feel safe when we are at work, shopping, schools, and absolutely when we are within our own homes.  We need to continue to look for ways to make our schools the safest they can be to protect what means the most to us, our children. 

I am a strong supporter of all public safety-law enforcement, firefighters, EMS and Rescue.

Our public safety/first responders need and deserve to have our full respect and support for their selfless, neverending service to our communities.  Many cities throughout our nation have been described as utter lawlessness and anarchy.  Our very own county carries a reputation as a safe place where rights are protected and law abides.  Let’s make sure we do our part to keep it that way.  As an official, we do this by making sure that the people taking care of us are taken care of themselves.  Competitive wages and adequate equipment to do their job is a must.


Committee for Sheila Franklin-HC
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