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Land use plans for a better tomorrow

It’s all about balance.  Balancing the growth of the area.  Homes for the people that work here and farms to sustain our local food supply.  Private property rights are important but I understand the role that zoning plays in controlling the sprawl of growth that happens without zoning that fits the community itself.  

Farm Preservation-

Farming is a two-pronged issue.  For the  farmers who desire to continue farming, they need land to farm and they need to be profitable.  We need to pursue businesses that will buy produce to use, much like the Partnership for Economic Development pursues industries that best fit our county.  Logistical savings for these companies should outway the savings they may be seeing by importing.  Other possible solutions–A common farmer’s market for Henderson County would be great.  Instead of apple trees being pushed up and removed, we need to continue to look for ways to support all agriculture.  I am a supporter of voluntary farm preservation; to preserve and protect lands for the economic and cultural benefit of our county.  


Committee for Sheila Franklin-HC
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